Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 10 - Cash is King

Another huge lie-in as we continue to avoid the fact that there are still many unpainted walls. We’ve borrowed the Blackadder box set from Michael and so watch a couple of them to kill an hour. We’ve been toggling between series 3 and series 4 all week and decide that series 3 is the best, mainly due to Hugh Laurie as the Prince of Wales.

Later we get the internet. In Britain, everything is controlled by call centres and touch-tone menus. Here, when you can’t work out how to connect your wireless router you just phone the local OTE boss on his mobile and he sends Adonis round to your house.

Adonis is an agitated, chain-smoking, five-foot three Greek in a bomber jacket who sorts it out in ten minutes, lights a Marlboro, and takes 20 Euros off you, cash. And that’s it. Thank-you.

1 comment:

Cosby said...

ha ha - I would have done it for 10!

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