Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 15 - Football Crazy

Nicole whacks her head on the shelves in the kitchen but half an hour under a bag of frozen mussels is enough to get her fit for the big match: Vathi v Leros.

Given that, in terms of population, Kalymnos is less than half the size of Falkirk, the quality of the Kalymnos Municipal Sports Complex in unbelievably impressive. A lush astroturf pitch is encircled by a full athletics running track next to basketball courts and an Olympic-sized outdoor swimming pool with proper starting blocks and everything. It reeks of EU money flooding in from donor countries (i.e. The UK).

A crowd of 25 gathers in time to see the Leros centre-forward go for a quick pee against the far wall before the match kicks off precisely nine and a half minutes early.

The football is awful. Both sides are unfit and spectacularly unskilled. Punts are sclaffed, openings are squandered and mazy runs go nowhere. No one attempts to actually score.

Gratifyingly, the half-expected fight breaks out after an hour’s play. A tiny foul escalates and soon all the players and all the officials from both teams swarm around the hapless referee. Everyone calls everyone else a “malaka” except for one guy in the crowd who calls the ref a “souvlaki”.

We are disappointed by the final 0-0 scoreline but delighted by the discovery that it’s a cup game and there is to be extra time. Of course, Paul makes a visit to the toilet just in time to miss the only goal and Nicole looks the other way just as Vathi score it.

Ah, well – at least our from the terraces across the water to Kos is excellent.


jpapamichail said...

Hi there the wee stories ...keep them Greek some point...I hope wishes from your "Old" greek teacher ...Kiria Papamichail sunny Glasgovi !

Anonymous said...

How Eu aid does the UK get for refurbishing the TUBE Londons underground and other sites. UK recently begged the EU for Funds for flood stricken victims in WALES. The UK gets more Billions in EU aid than UK not percentage wise but in the number of Billions. Germany is really the big loser. It gives out almost half the EU funds and gets nothing in return.

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