Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 18 - Warning - Hurricane Approaches

Several well-wishers from the UK have grudgingly enquired about the superb weather we must now be enjoying having moved to Greece. But let us tell you: it’s not all tanning.

For the last few days, the locals have pulled out their fleeces and fled for cover as winter strikes. Yes: It’s down to 18 degrees! Maria scolds Nicole for recklessly wearing SANDALS instead of shoes.

A storm warning means the harbour is suddenly clear of boats as frightened owners rush their craft to more sheltered moorings. Of course, when the weather breaks, it amounts to two light showers and a bit of a breeze, as you can see.

As the tempest reaches its peak, we are reminded of a typical seaside day out in the middle of the Scottish summer: overcast and warm enough to be outside without a jacket. Quite nice actually.

The whole thing lasts 3 hours and the sun re-appears, although perhaps not as strongly as before. Indeed, the TV weather girl with the heavy make-up informs us that the official temperature is no longer “scorchio” – merely “scorch”.

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