Monday, October 8, 2007

Day 2 - Very Important Rubbish Decision

We are woken by a fight.

Last night, the Russian woman who lives in the upstairs flat at the corner of the lane and who looks like a gold medal shot-putter dumped all of her rubbish bags onto the porch of Poppy’s house next door. Now Poppy, Maria and Katerina are all screaming at the Russian who is roaring back at them.

After listening from bed for fifteen minutes, we decide to get up and film some of the fight from our kitchen window. We capture six minutes of footage, the camera runs out of battery, we recharge it for fifteen more minutes, eat breakfast, have a coffee, and then film some more fight. It goes on all morning.

The complex issue of which scabby street corner to put the rubbish out on has sparked an argument lasting over an hour and is only resolved when the the Russian's landlord is summoned from the other side of the island.

Officially, the rubbish will now go on the left-hand corner at the end of the lane instead of the right hand side where it used to go. Parliament has been notified.

Our flat is dirtier than Gary Glitter’s mind. We spend 40 Euros on cleaning products.

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