Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 21 - Frightening Explosions on Mountainside

Back in Glasgow, with Guy Fawkes approaching, the odd bored ned is no doubt lobbing a few bangers up your alley. Here, the kids are really bored and do it with proper, actual, real dynamite.

Blowing this stuff is so dangerous that the kids who do it have to go out of town; up the hill above Profitis Church, otherwise someone will die.

Despite such rigorous health and safety, six people did actually die about 20 years ago when a kid tried to light a stick of dynamite, decided it was a dud, and then returned it to the sack of other dynamite sticks whereupon the whole lot went off and blew a hole in the side of the mountain. Six died up there on the hillside. A small church was raised on the mountain top in honour of their memory.

Short memories! The kids are doing it this afternoon, right next to this erected church. The flashes are bright and the booms immense. Paul nearly falls off his chair at the first one. The windows shake, cats scatter and Michael curses. It goes on all afternoon but you don’t get used to it.

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