Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 22 - Fear of The Dark

For some reason, Michael seems to believe that Kalymnos is best shown off in the dark.

Not for the first time, we wait until visibility is at a minimum before risking our necks for a sightseeing Sunday drive along the murderous Kalymnian roads.

If anyone tells you the Greeks drive on the right, they lie. The norm here is to drive smack in the centre of the road, straddling the white line until oncoming vehicles force you to move over. Even then – the right hand side is only customary, never compulsory.

We are almost used to overtaking on corners (usually on a hill), I guess doing it in the pitch black just adds spice. It certainly focuses the mind when it’s too dark for the scenery to take your mind off things.

The West coast of Kalymnos has a lot to offer. Telendos is a beautiful island and Kantouni has a nice beach. But you know what? In the dark, we might as well as be looking at the Clyde at Greenock. During this and three previous visits to the island, Paul has “seen” these wonders perhaps fifty times, but only once in daylight.


Well, here’s a clue. Today there was a great big parade to celebrate the anniversary of the start of World War 2 (which, for Greeks, began in 1940). Of course, we missed it all because it took place in the morning and no one who lives on this property ever rises before he or she really needs to…

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