Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 4 - Filth

The flat is filthy. The inch-thick grime on the top of the kitchen cupboards has a vaguely green hue to its overall brown-ness. I scrape dark things from the oven.

We negotiate with Michael over the removal of furniture including a gigantic sideboard which could hold enough beer to get Chas and Dave pissed nineteen times.

It is the ugliest furniture in the world but Michael says it has sentimental value. If so then why is it stuffed away in the flat rather than down in his house? Eventually we agree to lower it out of the window tomorrow by ropes and have it stored at Kelly’s (empty) house in Brosta.

Paul removes branches from a large fig tree by sawing them off from our kitchen window so we can open our shutters and have some light. As Paul hangs out of the window with Nicole holding him by the legs, Health and Safety is but nostalgia.

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