Friday, October 12, 2007

Day 6 - Stinking Dead Goat

On our morning walk we see a man riding a motorbike (slowly) while simultaneously leading a small horse on a rope. Coming the other way are two ancient nuns in a pick up truck. The one driving is talking on her cell phone. On the back of the truck is a stinking dead goat. We also see a fat girl smoking and texting at the same time as riding her moped. It’s just another day on Kalymnian roads.

Meanwhile, we try to sort out the flat. Years ago, Nicole’s sister Kelly lived in this flat after spending a lonely winter in a house in Skalia at the North end of the island. The isolation had obviously driven her mad, as she has painted the living room pink, the kitchen blue and the bedroom yellow. In the kitchen, all the cupboards and even the fridge have peen painted in dark blue gloss. The most heinous crime scene is in the bathroom where she somehow thought it was a good idea to fit a padded vinyl toilet seat.

It’s horrible and every time we’ve visited here we’ve put up with it because it’s only been for a few weeks. This time we’re finally doing something about it. We outlay 55 Euros on paint, brushes, turps, normal toilet seat, etc.

Our language skills are improving. We can now say “Good afternoon – I would like some very cheap water-based white paint, please”

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