Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day 14 - The Unfussy Tortoise and The Gay Bishop

Down in the yard, Michael feeds tins of dog-food to his cats and informs us that these seemingly disinterested moggies are in fact very fussy about their brands. Apparently, the kittens Nectarios and Avramopolous eat Fleshy while Sally, their mother, only eats Rockus, possibly because Rockus is for grown up dogs.

The wild tortoise who has no name and who is a frequent visitor to the garden is not fussy and tucks into some spare Fleshy before peeing and crawling off to hide under one of Michael’s tables of junk. The number of different types of animals we have witnessed pee in our lives increases by one.

We learn that Nectarios kitten is named after Bishop Nectarios who was apparently “demoted” by the Greek Orthodox Church when they discovered he was a homosexual. People round here, we are told, refer to him as The Sultana of the Aegean.

Interesting Greek language fact #2: There are only 24 letters in the Greek alphabet and three of them make exactly the same sound: “ee”.

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