Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 23 - Donkey Newsflash!

There is a donkey crisis in Greece. It’s all over the pages of the Athens News. Never mind the carbon emissions, the mass ownership of cars is putting donkeys across Greece out of work, numbers are declining, and within 20 years they may vanish completely from Greek Soil.

While Geneva is busy dealing with the crisis in the Middle East, the Greek island, Hydra, is hosting a Donkey Convention in an attempt to try and deal with this imminent threat of extinction.

Not since the Italian invasion in 1940, has there been such concern about the threat to Greek "cultural heritage". Apparently, the vanishing of this population threatens the Hellenic identity and legacy to be passed to the next generation.

Judging from the trend-following adolescents around here, it would appear that this next generation would rather speed away from the reading of their father’s will in the old man’s Peugeot, rather than straddling the family donkey.

Although, in the entrepreneurial hands of Stelios, this unwanted legacy would probably result in the instant Europe-wide hit:

We turn the page to read that Greece has been convicted by the European Court for breaking environmental law. Twenty-three towns have been cited as having sub-standard sewage networks and treatment plants. Kalymnos is on the list of offending areas.

Great, our dream holiday destination: sun, sea, shite, and the odd ass.

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Colin Kelly said...


I’m Colin Kelly, a presenter at Clyde 1 and I’m trying to track down Dr Paul, Glasgow’s pub quiz man.

I gather he’s moved on and may in fact be in Greece now. I’m doing a feature on pub quizzes on my show today (Wed 31 Oct) and it’d be great to get a chat with Dr Paul on the phone. It would all be general stuff about pub quizzes, where the questions come from, where the good nights are, and how you win! Also a wee update from him to tell his fans what how he’s getting on with his new life.

If there’s anyway you can give me a number for him or give him my number 0141 565 2200 it would be much appreciated.

All the best,


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