Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 9 - Dog fights and fat swimmers

One thing you can say about this place is that the sea is quite literally at the end of the street. Past the fish market and still within the harbour walls is a beach with actual sand instead of rocks. We sit there for a few hours as two local dogs fight off an outsider dog.

The mutts really go for it; it looks like they’re going to kill each other. An old guy walks right past the life and death struggle, ignoring it and smoking a fag. These battles are obviously pretty routine.

As we sit looking at the boats, a middle-aged Greek woman appears out of nowhere, hangs her towel on a tree, strips to her daring swimsuit of a knee-length dress and a headscarf and walks into the sea. She begins to swim round the Eastern part of the harbour. Minutes later another one appears and does the same.

If they do this great exercise every day then why are they still fat? It must be the cakes which, it must be said, are superb.

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