Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 31 - Manspace

We spend the afternoon at Therma; a dramatic, gravely, cliff-framed beach. But Paul doesn’t care for scenery. The two things he’s always wanted in life have been a shed and a cave, and now he’s spotted a bloke who has both.

Halfway down the steep staircase which leads from the houses to the beach, the cliff face is interrupted by an unlikely-looking front door, right in the middle of the rock. It’s not a rusty number either, but a nicely varnished proper posh wooden front door; the type you might see on a maisonette in Milngavie. There are no windows – just the door.

Soon enough, the owner appears: a lean and tanned middle-aged guy with a tidy moustache and a hat. He unlocks the door and disappears inside. His movements are too swift and practised to let us see what he’s got in there.

Nicole stares out to sea, oblivious, but Paul obsesses. What’s he got in there? A train-set? Some home-brew? A radio and a stash of weed? Twenty minutes later, the man emerges, grinning a big Greek grin and greets us with a hearty “Yia-sas”!

On the walk home, Paul opines on the awesome nature of this waterfront shed which is also a cave! “What shed?” says Nicole. The gender divide kicks in again.


Alan said...

When my papa dies, I hope I can be consoled somewhat by inheriting his shed!!

Complete with the old wooden golf clubs, the bike wheels, the endless assorted dods of wood, the broken pickaxe and the creosote smell that stays with you for a week!

Women don't understand these things! :D

Paul and Nicole said...

Paul says: you're right - they don't.

I'll go and get a picture of the cliff-shed in question and maybe some other ones too... with a complete lack of B&Q on Kalymnos there are some AMAZING home-made sheds on this island!

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