Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 42 - The Most Frustrating Thing in The World

Paul is going nuts. In the belief that he can watch the vital, massive, crucial Scotland v Italy game online for free at the SFA website, Paul recklessly waits until ten minutes before kick-off to log-on try and sort this out.

Of course, it doesn’t work and neither does BBC Radio commentary which is “only available to listeners inside the UK”. Paul only discovers this absurdity after spending fifteen minutes downloading Real Player. Aaargh!

By now, we know from the BBC website that Scotland are losing 0-1 but there’s no commentary, no pictures and Paul is in curse/swear overdrive. Trying to keep calm, he scours the internet for options. Eventually, he finds After a further forty minutes of false starts and fannying about, he finally brings up a jumpy, low-resolution feed from a German TV channel. Yes!

The game, live from Glasgow, is already in the second half. Paul settles back on the sofa, the screen fills with football and all is well. Scotland attack, the move looks good and… the feed breaks down and stops just as Scotland look like they are about to score!

Paul scrambles to another option which requires downloading Chinese software and tuning into an Arabic TV station who are showing the game.

The pictures come back and… Yes! Scotland have scored while we’ve been out of the loop! It’s 1-1 with 15 minutes to go. A draw gives Scotland a chance to qualify for the European Championships but the Scotland players are going for the win to make certain: they’re attacking. World Champions Italy look rattled!

For the next eight or nine minutes, everything is incredibly exciting as the two teams fight for a winner. Then, with three minutes left to play, the feed stops again. Aaargh!

This time Paul fails to retrieve the pictures and it is in complete silence a few minutes later that he reads the final score on the BBC website (in glorious TEXT): Scotland 1-2 Italy.


Yes, it turns out that the Italians scored in the very last minute of the game and that’s it: Scotland are knocked out with no chance of big tournament for another two years.

So that’s the story: no matter how frustrating computers and the internet can be, they’ll never be as frustrating as being Scottish and following football.


Alan said...

It's been 23 hours, and I still feel like crying.

Doesn't even matter that we're seeded 2nd for the World Cup draw on November 25th - we'll still somehow end up drawing Italy, France, The 1980s Holland side, Melchester Rovers, the evil Nazi side from Escape to Victory and Leichtenstein, who we'll draw 1-1 with away having beaten everyone else

Paul and Nicole said...

Thanks for the comment Alan. Melchester Rovers could win the world cup EVERY YEAR if only they were real.

I am really looking forward to the 25th Nov draw. It means that the utter void of international football is really only 8 days long.

After that we know what the next fixture is and we can dream again...

- Paul

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