Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 45 - Show Me The Money

Lightning and thunderstorms put on another dazzling show today, and we once again pine for the jumpers and fleeces we laughingly got rid of before coming to Greece. Who’s ever seen a glossy brochure of Greece with anything but a flawless blue sky?

Not to worry though. The olives have been picked and there is relative quiet outside in the courtyard. This means we can settle down, in peace, and do some work.

We bunker down at our laptops for a long research session on making a quick buck. Apparently, the way to get rich quick is to offer to help others get rich quick. Mm…so far the only advice we can give on raising some quick cash is to sell all your possessions, find a free place to live, and buy a big bag of lentils. Probably not the sort of advice we can whore on the internet for a pound or two. Oh well, we keep persevering in finding the secret to big money for little work.

Time goes by, day turns to night, and the electric sky finally quietens down. Despite lots of tea, coffee, and lentil breaks, our retinas are burning after many hours of surfing and the computers need to be turned off.

We start settling down for the night and hear a bit of commotion out in the yard. It turns out that it is Michael returning from his nightly cycle along the waterfront, which he departed for many hours ago. Apparently he has spent the last few hours sheltering from the storm in the café down the road. Of course it was the storm that drove him in there, not some comrades, a pack of cards, and a bottle of ouzo.

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