Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 53 - Millionaires Row

OK - the whole point of moving here to Greece was to buy time to plan how we're going to generate an income online so that we can become "financially independent".

We've been wearing out our thinking socks and have brewed up LOADS of different website ideas which are all genius. If you are interested in finding out more details, you can buy them off us for $1000 each. Send us an email.

But now we have settled on one idea to go ahead with for our first project and we are preparing our site: planning...

Of course, being THE PERFECT COUPLE means that all of this is being achieved with NO arguments and NO strops and NO marital strife and NO swearing.

You've guessed it... this is a dirtier lie than the Iraq War pretext - but there's a price to pay for being two such gigantic creative talents who are also always right.

So can a good romantic relationship be a good working relationship? What do you think?


CaliforniaKat said...

LOL! No marital strife when starting a business together. You two must be very fabulous individuals; I must get tips from you.

To answer your question, I've seen couples work very well together, but only when it's understood where each fills a role, there is no crossover and there is utmost respect for differences. Most importantly, don't bring work stuff into the personal stuff. The latter is where it gets ugly.

Paul and Nicole said...

THanks Kat - we'll try to follow the recipe but you are right - we are both very fabulous indeed.Well spotted!

If anyone is at all interested in Greek expat life, then check Kat's page which is chock full of actual information, and is a great read.

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