Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 54 - What a Load of Rubbish

One of the truly brilliant things about Kalymnos is the rubbish. Not just a few drifting sweetie wrappers and fag butts, a la Glasgow, but big proper dumping - everywhere.

Go for any walk, especially round the edges of town, and you will find dead motorbikes, ex-cars, piles of former mattresses and old ironing boards. Abandoned boats, miles from the sea, is a local speciality.

And is it really such a bad thing? When you happen across a scarlet red washing machine like this which sits so artfully amid the biblical landscape of the road to Vothini, you can see the positive.

Back home, the Scottish Arts Council would fund this kind of thing. The chap who dumped/installed it would rattle out some trite manifesto about the juxtaposition of nature and technology, become briefly micro-famous and get a write-up in The Sunday Herald. Another triumph for art!
There's none of that nonsense here. Just the rubbish or, if you prefer, the art.


Alan said...

You won't be appreciating it as much when you need a tetanus shot after putting a rusty TV aerial through your foot!!

That washing machine probably still works better than the one in our flat! :s

Paul and Nicole said...

If we went to the island hospital for a Tetanus Shot we would probably leave having contracted some undiscovered virus that caused our eyeballs to liquify and drip out.

Better to suffer the Tetanus!

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