Thursday, November 22, 2007

Day 47 - Happy Shoppers

Before moving here we thought that our weekly shop in Greece would be uniformly cheaper but its just not the case.

A wee tin of tuna that costs 25p in Lidl in Glasgow costs about £1 here. A 20p tin of sweetcorn is more like £1 here in Vitales supermarket on the waterfront.

The proper bargains are the fresh fruit and veg but anything that comes in a tin will kill you. Coffee and tea are pretty steep too.

Other shockers have been home and kitchen products. Stuff like a set of plastic shelves for the bathroom costs €20 here but you would get something of the same quality at home for half the price. And if you want a decent tin opener, you won't get one this side of €7.

Of course - there's always a flip side. Whisky is €4.99 a bottle. Tranlated into pounds that's an incredible £3.59 which is cheaper than a pint of beer in some Glasgow pubs. Incidentally, the three-pound whisky is pictured below and, we're proud to say, it comes from the Macnish company in Glasgow.

Another difference here is that you can buy big mad knives in the supermarket, no problem at all; not something you would ever do so easily in Glasgow. Not just veg and bread knives, but big, dirty cleavers and everything.

But despite this ready availability of super-cheap hard booze and easy access to killer blades, there are no drunks here, and none of Glasgow's culture of knife crime and murders. No one here has one of those stitched-up "smiles" splitting their face. So why would that be?


CaliforniaKat said...

People are surprised when I tell them that stuff in America is way cheaper than Greece, which is why I did that price comparison using the same brands...and I even biased the article in favor of GR and it still didn't win.

Paul and Nicole said...

Thanks Kat.

Check out Kat's article comparing prices for a really thorough analysis.

But remember everyone - bear in mind our new discovery that you can get a tin of beer for 38 cents - that's 27 pence at today's rate.

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