Friday, November 23, 2007

Day 48 - You Can't Stop This Guy

There are loads of wrecked vehicles on the island but only some of them have been written off. Busted headlamps are not a problem. Doors that have rusted shut are kosher. Even having a smashed-in windscreen won't keep cars off the road.

Everyone's tyres are as bald as Telly Savalas and its only when a wheel actually falls off that you can stop these guys.

Our favourite rusty old ride is the little blue van called "AO 7430". That's the vehicle which appears in the banner at the top of the page and we're pretty sure that's not a personalised number plate.

Since taking that photo, we have noticed the van in different places and concluded that someone must actually drive it around.

Indeed, we catch a glimpse of the owner himself today, round at the wharf. The man is in his sixties, wears big glasses and looks cool in a beat-up, guy-who-hangs-aorund-the-wharf kind of a way. He looks like someone who knows his way round a game of cards and a packet of fags and he looks like he doesn't give a damn.

He certainly isn't giving a damn to what his fishing buddies think when we see him pull a dwarf sardine out from the sea and upon deciding that it is too small, proceeds to massacre it with a few heavy stomps to the head before throwing the corpse back into the deep blue. Mm... Perhaps it's some ancient Greek fishing ritual that keeps favour with Neptune that we're not aware of? Or perhaps, he just don't give a damn!

And who can blame him? He's got the best silly vehicle on the island and no matter how much of it rusts, crumbles and falls off - the van still runs.

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