Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day 56 - Easy Meat

Good news: the mosquitoes are getting easier to kill.

The colder weather has made their movement sluggish and they are not the devils they were in the summer. Before they would zip, fly and tear around like fighter planes - now they struggle from perch to perch like a drunk man walking home.

Only a few weeks ago our night's sleep would be constantly interrupted by buzzing and biting. We would wake up in the middle of the night, exhausted from being eaten, and have to chase the elusive bastardos around the room with books, cursing if they jumped in time and whooping like American sports fans whenever one got splatted.

Now the whole affair is more nonchalant. If one buzzles past your face you can bang your hands together in mid-air and kill it that way - easy.

During working hours, Nicole has perfected the one-handed kill, where a passing mozzy is merely plucked from the air and crushed without the other hand ever leaving the computer keyboard.

You don't need a book any more. You can just walk up to them as they lie sleeping on the wall and finish them with a little one-inch punch from the heel of your fist.

In the background of our minds is the horror of summer but, for now, we are the dominant life-form in this house. Fear us, insects!


CaliforniaKat said...

I wear DEET almost all the time, unless I know for certain all the windows and doors didn't let a sucker slip in. We still have mozzies, though we joke they have radar on me and track my movements.

Paul and Nicole said...

Ah... you and Paul both have your co-ordinates locked into the mozzies GPS!

Each morning we inspect the damage. Paul looks like he's been to the front-line and back, whilst Nicole looks like she spent the night in Switzerland. Far from any action.

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