Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 59 - Let Them Eat Squid

An Economic Riddle: Why does the squid which comes out of the Aegean Sea which is located approximately ten metres from the fish shop cost 6 or 8 Euros per kilo while the squid in the supermarket next door that has to be frozen, packed in polythene bags and transported from India only cost 4 Euros per kilo?

We imagine the answer has something to do with apocalyptic global-economics of the end-times in which our mindless consumer behaviour ends up causing everyone to die under rising seas (for which we are utterly responsible). Boo.

However - the low price kind of makes you forget about all of that and in our quest to stretch the budget, we now find ourselves eating calamari as a staple. Back in Glasgow this animal was a luxury. Thanks to the internet we now know even how to gut and cook them.

The free olive-oil supply and the lemon-tree-in-the-garden scenario adds to the overall cheapness. Another riddle: why does inexpensive food taste so much better than stuff you pay through the nose for?


Alan said...

Calamari was a luxury in Glasgow? Farmfoods and Iceland sell it for £2! :D

Iceland/Farmfoods are actually amazing for fish - always come back with enough salmon to feed the 5000, without any of the Paul Daniels jiggery-pokery Jesus did.

Paul and Nicole said...

£2 a kilo?

Alan said...

It's a big bag of it - not been in a while though, stuck out here in the wastes of Anniesland!

Dunno if its a kilo, but can't be far off.

More of a meat person myself though. :S

Paul and Nicole said...

You know what to get us for our Xmas present!

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