Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 67 - Glamour Gone But Not Forgotten

Packing up our lives in Scotland to come up with the million pound idea that will keep Paul in juice-coloured leisure suits and medallions, doesn’t come without its sacrifices; namely, hanging out at the cafes most evenings, drinking coffee, and solving the world’s problems.

A cup at one of the many cafés along the waterfront costs two Euros and, like our bathroom scales, it slowly adds up.

But today we’ve discovered a great way to simulate a cosmopolitan lifestyle without spending a penny: pack a flask of hot coffee and head to the public café area at the end of the wharf. Perfect. Why didn't we think of this before?

The wharf is a hub of activity with boats, people, trucks, and donkeys coming and going; raw street theatre with its fair share of comedy and tragedy. And like some great relic of a long forgotten communist regime, the sheltered seaside balcony with its collection of steel tables and chairs, is for the people.

After a day locked inside working, we excitedly boil the kettle and dust off the Thermos in preparation for reviving our social life and solving the issue of third world debt.

Just as we’re heading out the door, the sky turns wild. Strobe lightning, violent thunder, and hail stones the size of tumours thwart our plans. Determined to spend the evening out, we huddle under our dripping porch and crack the flask open.

The seeming poverty stirs Paul and he basks in the nostalgia of his student days: midnight rallies, living on half a tin of beans, and feeling like a rebel against the system. Meanwhile, Nicole dreams of frocks, glamour, and cocktails. She is a long way from Paris tonight!


Anonymous said...

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CresceNet said...

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CaliforniaKat said...

N and P, I hope you two are just too busy and happy to post...and as always, fabulous. Just worried about you.

Sir James said...

Come back!

All is forgiven.

Was your new year's resolution to abandon the futuristic land of the interweb?!

The colder, wetter and more miserable it gets in Scotland, the more we eagerly await our next Greek fix...

Paul and Nicole said...

Thanks KAt and James for your comments.

Yes - after posting every day for 70 days we stopped.

Other projects, you see... and this DID take up a bit of time.

However - we are alive and well and may continue this blog on a less regular basis.

Perhaps a weekly post?

Sir James said...

We don't mind if it rains, so long as we know when we are getting our sunshine.

Weekly, Lunar monthly, on religious festivals- whenever it is we will keep eyes, ears and computers peeled for them.

I am trying to start a daily Quog on my website and it does take more time than I thought, but I'm really excited about looking back on it next year to see what I did. At the minute i'm daily, but i don't think that will last forever...

CaliforniaKat said...

Glad to hear you two are well! Writing does take a fair amount of time.

Love hearing from and about you whenever you find time! Cheers :)

McGarry said...

#Sir James

Need to get someone to read your site first.... :-D

Sir James said...

Gary Gareth McGarry II

How rude!

If my butler was in swiping distance he would strike you with the back of his crushed velvet gloves.

You're simply feeding my predjudice against peasants with your low brow banter- to you sir I say touché!

Love with bottoms up,

Sir James

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