Thursday, March 20, 2008

Like this - then check out web hosting

OK, we're back and our blog restarts here.

Many of you have said that you have enjoyed our adventures in Greece and others have expressed an interest in getting started yourself on the blogging/internet thing.

Blogger - this site - is free to use but it's limited and when you want to build your own sites, as we do, you're going to need to choose from a raft of web hosting providers.

To find out who has the best hosting , you need to do some research but the companies competing for your sign-up will vary in their approach.

Some will offer cheaper deals but less support. Some will offer a more expensive package but with guarantees on how fast they can fix problems. There will almost certainly be problems!

So, to find the best web hosting company, for you - you need to ask what your needs are. If you're trying to make an e-commerce site (a site that sells goods/services) then you need something robust and would probably look to pay more.

If it's a personal site and you can handle your pages disappearing off the net now and again for a couple of days, then a cheaper deal will suit you.

Good luck. The links in this article will take you to Kaushal's top picks for web hosting, a site which has further reviewed you options.

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