Wednesday, March 26, 2008


OK, so they had this political action last week. It looked like this:

First they played some Greek music over the loudspeakers.

Then some bloke got up and talked for a bit a got a round of applause. Two more women speakers followed with lots more talking and more rounds of applause and finally the main bloke who had been running around telling everyone what to do got up and spouted for about 15 minutes non stop.

He got a small round of applause but everyone was pretty bored by then.

I think the gist was that the government are bastards and we want more money. Something like that.

Then everyone had coffee, gossipped about who was fucking who, and went home.

Democracy, live.


Anonymous said...

Why you make fun of those people, do you accually know why they demonstrate? do you know anything about the pension and insurance reform that the Greek government put in action, a reform that will ruin a huge part of Greek workers.

Paul and Nicole said...

Thanks for reading.

It can't be that bad - this government did win the election after all and the reform was an election promise, was it not?

And why make fun? I don't know but there's something about people who take politics really seriously that invites ridicule (in Greece or wherever).

Do we know anything about the issue? Oxi - not much. We'll leave the serious analysis to the experts but if you have a quick summary of the problem then please do post it here.


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