Saturday, April 12, 2008

Learn Greek - letter Δ and word for street

OK, here we go again with the world's least intensive Greek course.
Today we see that ODOS mean road. Yeah - that triangle is called "delta" and it's kind of like the letter D.

You pronounce it with your tongue-tip against your front teeth so it sounds almost like "th" but not as soft. Like "this" rather than "thing".

Anyway - you can remember that Δ is a D because of the name delta. A river delta is a triangle. Δ is for Delta, see?

And you can remember that odos is the the word for road because of odometers - the posh name for a mileometer on your car dashboard.

Just how on Earth NTAPΓOYIN = Darwin, we'll have to deal with another day.

Until next time - don't study too much!


Alan said...

As much as I would hate to bring into question the integrity of your renowned Greek course, but surely from the picture ODOS means "street"?

Paul and Nicole said...

street or road? road or street?

now you are in Greece... it doesn't matter!

Anonymous said...

It's the same think. Odos means street in modern greek but since it's an ancient greek word I think it meant road as well in ancient greek...Hope I didn't confuse you...

Jeffrey said...

I really have no knowledge of Greek, but your mini-lessons are quite enriching for my language abilities. I now know where "odo" in odometer comes from!

How are you liking the experience of living in Greece? Did you learn the language before or after you moved there (or still in the process of learning it)? Are there a lot of expats to Greece that live near you, or that you have met?

Paul and Nicole said...

Hi Jeffrey. Thanks for the comment and no - we really don't know any expats.

There are some - we bumped into some Manchester ladies in the supermarket last week but we're here to become internet millionaires rather than socialise so we ain't out and about much... we have to make the money last until we become rich!

Likewise, we're not interacting with too many Greeks so our language skills are under-developed. We're learning more html than Greek.

But we live with Greeks so slowly and surely we pick it up.

"siga, siga" as they say (slowly, slowly).

As for living in Greece - its great. A real change from Glasgow. You should try it

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