Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Learn Greek with Paul and Nicole


We've been here for five months and our Greek is shocking. Maybe some effort is required. You can learn with us.

But, as they say, siga-siga, which means "slowly"

So let's learn - a bit at a time. Let's start of with the word for chemist or pharmacy.

There it is - Farmakeio. Pretty much the same word as pharmacy.

See? Easy!

Stick with us - and you'll learn Greek in no less than ten years.


Amy said...

Ahhhhhh! I am SO PROUD OF MYSELF for working out how to say that without cheating! Yay, me!

I bought a book and CD to teach me basic Greek, but (!) haven't had time to look at either of them. I was, um, sorta counting on you two to have your $hit together by now so you could translate for us when we're in Athens! ....No? Drat!! :)

Alan said...

True pharmacy fact: the chemist in the Protestant stronghold of Larkhall had to put a blue cross up outside, as the green one kept getting ripped down! :D

Paul and Nicole said...

Alan - its so nice to be so far away from all that nonsense.

Amy - we were kind of relying on YOU!

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