Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Property Opportunity?

Kalymnos in general and Pothia in particular are full of wrecked old houses. With a sign attached saying "poleitei" - which means "for sale".

Here's an example:

You could probably pick up a property bargain but you would have to

  • chase the snakes out
  • pull out the plants,
  • put a roof on,
  • instal plumbing
  • get windows
  • get doors

The upside is that you'd probably get on one of those TV shows.


CaliforniaKat said...

LOL! You two are classic. Missed you.

luc said...

You can count your blessings! I'd commit a cardinal sin to have a few houses like that to pick from in this area (Crete). At a reasonable price of course...

Paul and Nicole said...

Thanks Kat and luc.

What's the scene in Crete? There are scores of properties like this is Kalymnos - although new buildings are going up everywhere outside the town.

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