Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Greece Ripped Off

To be honest, we didn't initally think the Greek Eurovision entry was that good.

My Secret Combination by Kalomira was a pretty standard slab of American-style pop delivered by a Britney Spears clone who even sang in English and gave her post-event interviews in an American accent.

But then, the day after the competition, we found that My Secret Combination was about the only tune we could actually remember, so at least it was catchy.

Then we remembered how we felt early on in the voting when it looked like Greece might win... a trip to Athens for the Eurovision in one year's time would be AMAZING.

And then we read that the Eurovision was a fix, that it was a Russian company running the phone votes and the whole thing was rigged. This, admittedly, is based on one forum post somewhere on the internet but hey - it might be true and if it is then we feel AGGRIEVED.

So now we're mad shit-assed angry. Greece was ripped off and Russia cheated.

Luckily the national football team have a chance to take revenge soon as they are playing Russia in the Euro 2008 football tournament which starts on Saturday.

Bravo Ellada - give them hell!


Alan said...

It was so rigged that Sir Terry Wogan says he might stop doing it - that's how guff its becoming!

I had money on the UK to get nil points, but Ireland gave us some for no reason, and then San Marino gave us 6 points. No-one over here has any idea why - there are only three British ex-pats in San Marino according to the BBC who did an article on it.

CaliforniaKat said...

Actually, I kept waiting for Greece to blame the Americans for losing. After all, Kakomira is an American from New York.

Conspiracies abound. It was a conspiracy when Sakis lost in Turkey, and Kenteris and Thanou had an "accident" before the Olympic Games. Can't wait to hear the theories after the superleague is over.

Kavadias said...

californiakat you always grumble over greeks that are conspiracy theories fans...OK we got it, you don't like Greece, find the next greek fault now...
I wonder if you get paid for that...
Open your eyes and see why only the Albanians and Kossovars praise your country and when you do so return and write wisecracks of the type: "I kept waiting for Greece to blame the Americans for losing."

Paul and Nicole said...

I should also mention that we thought the British entry was pretty good - the tune and the groove reminded me of 80s "legend" Sidney Youngblood - but you knew it was never going to get any votes.

The UK is as popular as AIDS and even if we put Bohemian Rhapsody into the contest it wouldn't win. It might come 15th (although it would fall foul of the 3 minute rule anyway...)

CaliforniaKat said...

kavadias, just goes to show how well you don't know me. I love Greece just fine, I'm just not in denial about ola pane kala. All countries have faults, and I have no problem admitting those of my own. That doesn't absolve Greece from hers.

Paid to write what? The truth. Yes.

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