Thursday, May 8, 2008

Learn Greek - letter Ψ

Ψ is the letter Psi.
It begins words like

τo ψaρo (to psaro) - the fish
n ψeυτιa (i psevtia) - the lie
ψaλλω (psallo) - I sing

It's a letter that just doesn't exist in the Roman alphabet we use for English but it's pretty easy to remember if you think about Poseidon, the old Greek God of the Sea.

Look at Poseidon's trident... it's a big letter Psi - Ψ and his name starts with Ps - P'seidon - and he's in charge of all the fish - ola ta psari.



By the way, we're learning with Pimsleur Greek language course and it really is very good.


Jessica Sztaimberg said...

I'm not that familiar with the Greek Language, and looking at those Greek words I was a bit confused at first. Seeing you explain it the way you did, the words make sense! I love the reference you gave. Do you have any other fun examples? I think this is pretty interesting!

Thanks for the sparked interest!

Paul and Nicole said...

Thanks Jessica.

Our Greek course is the world's least intensive - but do check back from time to time, we're adding lessons as we go and perhaps in ten years we might all be able to hold a conversation in Greek!

"Siga, siga" as the Greeks are forever saying ("slowly, slowly")

Jessica Sztaimberg said...

Yes, I completely understand. My Spanish teachers (and my dad who is fluent in Spanish) were always telling me, "poco a poco" = little by little. It takes time to become fluent, even if I wanted to learn the language within the first week! Patience, I kept telling myself. :) I wish you both the best of luck!

Anonymous said...

How would you spell Poseidon in greek then?

I am interested in a tattoo.

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