Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Boot Required

You don't necessarily need a boot to transport things

Kalymnos provides excellent daily lessons in how to get the most out of two wheels.

Families, animals, supplies and friends all get to ride.


Light on Athens said...

its a nice photo, very cute...i haven't seen anything quite like that where i've been in athens and naxos, ...oh and is your turtle still around?

Paul and Nicole said...
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Paul and Nicole said...

Hello LOA

Nothing like this where you are - we should get some more pics up here then. Every day we see whole families going past on their scooter. Tiny one in front, dad next on the handlebars, then other kid, then mum on the back - with shopping bags hanging from both handlebars.

And yes the tortoise is out of hibernation and fairly zipping around the garden. Pics soon.

Anonymous said...

I lived on Kalymnos and the stove in your photos looks very much like my old one. I used to be married to MS. Hope he is well.

Paul and Nicole said...

These stoves seem to have discovered the secret to eternal life...I'm sure they are nearly 100 years old already, and still going strong!

We remember with fondness being able to flick an electrical switch, as opposed to fumbling for matches and hoping that the gas bottle will last just a wee bit longer...

MS is good. How are you?

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