Monday, June 23, 2008

Not As Easy As Last Week

So, the Easy Cruise boat has been showing up at Kalymnos every Sunday.

The boat also goes to Kos, Siros, Samos, Mykonos and Paros, plus Bodrum in Turkey.

When we heard the ship was going to be coming weekly we feared being submerged by waves of lager louts but it looks like the clientele of Easy Cruise are slightly more mature than that and so far Sundays have been pretty calm and our local restaurants are feeling the benefit.

Ola Kala - all good.

Yesterday was a problem though. It was so windy that the Easy Cruise Life (the name of the ship) could not safely enter the harbour and had to anchor outside, ferrying the passengers to and from the shore in tenders, just like the old days.

One day Stelios might have enough money to stop the wind...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Massive Insect Season

Look at this bloody monster that flew in through the living-room door last week.

It just flew right in there, opened its mouth and said in a broad Glaswegian accent

"Hey you - are ye making a cup of tea or what?"

It was insistent and only succumbed to being trapped in a family-sized coffee jar after getting his cup of tea and a bit of cucumber.

What to do in situations like this?

Do you say "yes" and get the kettle on or do you say "no" and risk them becoming violent? Is giving in to a bully insect's tea demands mean that you're a pussy or is it just a sensible course of action... what if stubborn pride leads to the house being smashed up?

We quickly decided that appeasement was the answer in this situation. After all, he looked like he'd been drinking. So we brewed up.

Before we could show him to the guest insects chair, he plonked himself down on the sofa and spread himself out, allowing us to see his fat belly for the first time.

He drank his tea and ate his cucumber, taking up the whole sofa as he did so while we perched ourselves on the two little chairs, laughing nervously at his slurred stories and racist remarks.

Eventually, the tea was finished and he allowed himself to be jarred and chucked. We breathed a sigh of relief you could hear in Kos. He was probably only here for 20 minutes but it felt like aeons.

Anyway, after we put him out, we've not seen him again and its been more than 5 days so here's hoping we made the right decision.

We'll let you know.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Time To Get Serious

Four years ago:

Four years ago, Greece were still the underdogs in Euro 2004.

Even though they'd won their first game against hosts Portugal, that result was still being dismissed as a flash in the pan.

No one seemed to think Greece could win that tournament at any stage, they were just too unfashionable.

Even after beating champions France, Greece were still marked by the bookies as 10-1 outsiders for the tournament. We remember that well because that's the point at which we lumped a fiver on them to win.

After they beat the Czechs in the semi, everyone said it was fluke: against Portugal in the final, Greece would finally get their comeuppance.

But, of course, Greece won the match and we won £50.

It was the start of an amazing year for Greece: Champions of Europe, then host of the Olympic Games and the icing on the cake... winning Eurovision 2005. It was the year that Greece ruled the world


Anyway - Greece need to pull their finger out TODAY if there's to be any repeat. The loss against Sweden the other night was limp to say the least.

Tonight's opponents are Russia, another country with a weird alphabet. But you will notice as you watch the game that all players will have Roman characters on the back of their shirts.

Witness the imperialism of the English language and the Roman script!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Hanged Man

It's been a while since Easter - but we rediscovered these photos from that weekend and I don't think we mentioned them at the time.

Basically, Good Friday saw an outbreak of effigies being hanged from overhead cables all around the town. This one is outside the big church over at the West End of town, Agios Nikaloas.

There was another, better, one up by Agios Vasilios which had been dressed up with a headscarf/burka-type-thing, perhaps to look like an Arab but it had been taken down by the time we got back to it with the camera.

Anyway - we never did find out what the hanged effigies were all about. Perhaps they are supposed to represent Judas, but whoever it supposed to be it certainly adds a scary edge to the whole celebration.

Hot cross buns are tame by comparison!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Christ Has Flown - Now You May Swim

What's the dumbest thing you ever got told when you were younger?

Two days ago it was time for another religious celebration - 40 days after Easter which apparently marks the time that Jesus Christ finally went up to heaven after rising from the dead on Easter Sunday.

Anyway, Michael told us that, when they were kids, the adults told them that they had to wait for this festival for their first swim of the year.

The kids were warned that if they went in the sea before this date, they would grow a sponge in their arsehole.

We've been swimming for the last few weeks and so far I can report no sponginess. Looks like the bum-sponge might have been an old wives' tale!

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