Friday, June 6, 2008

Christ Has Flown - Now You May Swim

What's the dumbest thing you ever got told when you were younger?

Two days ago it was time for another religious celebration - 40 days after Easter which apparently marks the time that Jesus Christ finally went up to heaven after rising from the dead on Easter Sunday.

Anyway, Michael told us that, when they were kids, the adults told them that they had to wait for this festival for their first swim of the year.

The kids were warned that if they went in the sea before this date, they would grow a sponge in their arsehole.

We've been swimming for the last few weeks and so far I can report no sponginess. Looks like the bum-sponge might have been an old wives' tale!


Antonis said...

I presume u r talking about Pentecost (Πεντηκοστή), which is 50 days after Easter (June 15 this year). So be careful, there's about a week left for the sponge to grow!

Paul and Nicole said...

Eeek! We might be in all sorts of trouble!

I don't know - there were lots of kids with candles marching up and down and chanting... and we were assured by our usually-reliable source that Christ had flown up to heaven on this day...

Er... I guess we'd better look it up.

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