Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Hanged Man

It's been a while since Easter - but we rediscovered these photos from that weekend and I don't think we mentioned them at the time.

Basically, Good Friday saw an outbreak of effigies being hanged from overhead cables all around the town. This one is outside the big church over at the West End of town, Agios Nikaloas.

There was another, better, one up by Agios Vasilios which had been dressed up with a headscarf/burka-type-thing, perhaps to look like an Arab but it had been taken down by the time we got back to it with the camera.

Anyway - we never did find out what the hanged effigies were all about. Perhaps they are supposed to represent Judas, but whoever it supposed to be it certainly adds a scary edge to the whole celebration.

Hot cross buns are tame by comparison!

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