Saturday, June 14, 2008

Time To Get Serious

Four years ago:

Four years ago, Greece were still the underdogs in Euro 2004.

Even though they'd won their first game against hosts Portugal, that result was still being dismissed as a flash in the pan.

No one seemed to think Greece could win that tournament at any stage, they were just too unfashionable.

Even after beating champions France, Greece were still marked by the bookies as 10-1 outsiders for the tournament. We remember that well because that's the point at which we lumped a fiver on them to win.

After they beat the Czechs in the semi, everyone said it was fluke: against Portugal in the final, Greece would finally get their comeuppance.

But, of course, Greece won the match and we won £50.

It was the start of an amazing year for Greece: Champions of Europe, then host of the Olympic Games and the icing on the cake... winning Eurovision 2005. It was the year that Greece ruled the world


Anyway - Greece need to pull their finger out TODAY if there's to be any repeat. The loss against Sweden the other night was limp to say the least.

Tonight's opponents are Russia, another country with a weird alphabet. But you will notice as you watch the game that all players will have Roman characters on the back of their shirts.

Witness the imperialism of the English language and the Roman script!

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