Thursday, July 24, 2008

Read the label

Vitales supermarket is great for oats and apples but they also carry some right old crap.

"100% cashmere like"... what does that mean?

Ahh, I see. It means 'acrylic'.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bring on the Fun Girls

So they've got this Beach Volleyball championships going on down at the port just now. On Tuesday they brought in a load of sand and built the stands overnight. Voila: a beach volleyball stadium where there used to be a car park.

It's apparently the Panhellenic Championships or something, but what's really caught the punters' imaginations are the sponsors' scantily-panted dancing troupe - the Lipton Ice Tea Fun Girls!!!

The Lipton Ice Tea Fun Girls get their name from their love of ice tea in cans and from the fun way in which they appear from the wings whenever the crowd show any signs of being bored by the volleyball action. For around one minute, the Lipton Ice Tea Fun Girls rock one of their amazing dance routines from their endless repertoire, and they do it all whilst wearing very small pants indeed. Everyone gets excited again and the sport may continue.

Here they are, in the middle of another dance devastation. See how the Lipton Ice Tea Fun Girls hold their young fans suspended in a trance!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time of The Fat Watermelon

Learn Greek time again.

Watermelon = Kaρπouζi (Karpouzi)

At the moment there is a glut of watermelons from Kos and Rhodes and the price is down to 40 cents/kilo. You can get a big fat karpouzi for €3.

Selecting a good one is a local skill and a matter of pride.

We have a lot of watermelon = Eχouμe πoλi kaρπouζi (Echoume poli karpouzi)



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Philosophy Latest

Twenty five centuries after Plato's dialogues, Greece still produces key philosophies for all the world to know.

Here's the latest.

Amazing. The author has captured the essential foundation of Modern Greek thinking in just nine words that are not even his first language.

Impressively concise.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

On The Beach

Summer, and the Town Beach is actually getting quite busy.

The cafe has started serving burnt hamburgers and that seems to be drawing the crowds even though there's nowhere to go for a piss and the 'sand' is the builders'-yard variety which leaves a thin film of grey cement-dust on your skin.

Daytime fills the strand with brown bodies: big fat ones lolling in the water; lean fit ones splashing or playing volleyball. Greek disco booming from the cafe. It can get quite noisy...

...But the true character of the Town Beach comes through later on, towards dusk, when there's no one around.

This is the place than can relax you even if you weren't stressed in the first place. Nothing is happening and you love it.

It's Echo Beach, so it is.

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