Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a lotta yachties we gotta

In Pothia harbour, the yachties are strong in number.

Their pricy boats fill up the harbour and you spend the walks along the front wondering whether or not they are thinking that you're jealous of their boat.

It's like very public caravanning. They sit on the back of their yachts and eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner within three yards of the pavement.

The difference between a yacht and a caravan. as far as I can make out is that a caravan is more spacious and you don't fall in the sea is you step over the edge of a caravan.


pigz said...

I think the thing with yachts is that when the first few weeks (months?) of sailing are over (yacht-honeymoon-period) it seems like having a piece of dry land few feet away is a real luxury

it's dry, it's safe and you can do many different things every single day that include other people

so the boat-people are jealous of us walking by because we don't have any boat to worry about and we have dry land to our disposal all the time!

Jude said...

You make me laugh. You wouldn't catch us parked up where anyone could watch us eat. We're not all the same, honest!

Paul and Nicole said...

They've disappeared now that it's December. I look forward to their return in the spring cos I like staring at them.

Maybe I am jealous....?

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