Saturday, October 25, 2008

Financial Crisis Fails to Rock our Rock

Down here in Kalymnos, we've heard a rumour that there is some kind of huge financial crisis engulfing the world and everyone's going to die.

I don't know. A quick check on the Kalymnos money markets reveal that not much has changed:

Perhaps the hysteria is out of proportion?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rats, rats, lay down flat.

There have been quite a few dead rats lying around recently. We don't know if it's co-incidence or whether there is something about October which leads to more rats getting caught out.

This one was photographed on the back road to Massouri and there have been several more closer to our house.

It looks as if he was hit by a vehicle and the other ones we have seen have been similarly splayed in the centre of roads. Perhaps with less light at this time of year the rats have trouble looking where they are going. Does anyone know the truth?

Look: there's a fair bit of meat on him!

But we're not that poor yet, so we left him where we found him.

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