Sunday, January 25, 2009

Greek Cats are Harder than Scottish Cats but Scottish Youth Would Tank Greek Youth

Greek cats would murder Scottish cats. Fat and soft, Scots pussies want for nothing as they snore by the fireplace.

Meanwhile, life is raw for their Greek counterparts. Only a spoilt minority are family pets; the rest are hard-as-nails feral street-beasts who fight for food and die in forgotten alleyways. The guy above is having a good day - he's stumbled across a random deposit of sardines near the wharf, but he'll need to eat it quick.

This one is more typical: he looks like he's been in a fight and maybe he hasn't eaten much more than the stinking remains of an abandoned souvlaki for the last few days.

Oddly enough - the story with teenagers is the exact opposite.

The kids round here are breast-fed to the age of 30. Their only worry is what time their next pizza is to be delivered, while Greek parents work themselves into the ground to pay for it.

Glasgow's wiry young teams would tear them apart, limb from fat limb...

...but their cats would kill ours and so the question remains: which country is best?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

East End Scene

This is a drawing of the East Harbour, beyond the fish market, the less popular side of Pothia's harbour where ferries don't dock and old dolphin boats go to rust and die.

Dogs are chained to rocks and people leave their front doors open; if you look in as you walk past you can see old people laid out under blankets on single beds.

From a metre-wide strand of gritty sand, housewives wade into the water, fully clothed, to swim every day for health. Somehow it doesn't stop them being fat.

I like the East Harbour.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Moment of Peace

Aside from the crime and the riots and the dead animals which are, admittedly, more newsworthy there is a world of peace and beauty on Kalymnos that's worth reminding you about

After a more than a year away from Glasgow it's still remarkable to be living with so much sky and water.

Dawn is the best time of day to appreciate this, the quiet hour after the sun rises up over Kos but before everyone wakes up and starts fighting.

Don't worry - stories of malcontent will return as usual next week...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crime Scene

So we finally got exposed to the Kalymnos crime scene this week when a little local incident resulted in a trip to the police station to make a report plus visits to the neighbours to ask them to keep an eye out.

It's good for our Greek. We now know the words for "thief", "electric drill" and "together we must protect our houses."

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