Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome (back) to Kalymnos

This is the bronze mermaid at the entrance to Pothia harbour, the chubby, cheery sea-whore who welcomes one and all to Kalymnos.

And she's starting to see a bit of business again. Winter is officially over and the first tourists have been spotted this week: climbers returning for their fix of limestone.

You can spot the climbers a mile away: slimmer than anyone else on the island and always wearing very pracitcal-looking Northern European leisure gear.

We watch some of the climbers disembarking the "Star" and being met by a Kalymnian who happily loads their packs into his boot

"Ah you have a new car" says a French accent.

"Yes," beams the Greek, and an old friendship, albeit a commercial one, is resumed.

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