Saturday, April 18, 2009

You Don't Need All The Gear

Some people take fishing seriously and have all the latest gear.

In Kalymnos, this is also a common sight. A bloke rolls up to the wharf on his scooter, drops a line over the side and stays there until he harvests enough sea-meat to go home again.

No fuss, no fanfare. This is fishing for fish's sake.


Dimitris said...

what in the name of god are you doing in Kalymnos?

Paul and Nicole said...


Do you not like Kalymnos, Dimitri?

Dimitris said...

Well, for one, I have a sense that Kalymnos falls short of being a destination for expatriates. Some friends that I met in the university a long time ago were very eager to get out of there.

They told me that Kos and Kalymnos were destroyed by "tourist infrastructure", ending up eradicating any picturesque element in their architecture, something that didn''t happen for instance in Rhodes or notably Symi. Ever been there to see what you're missing? And in any case, this is not the Cyclades or the Ionian islands, or even the "Sporades" in the north. Even Thasos is more beautiful than Kalymnos. These are well known facts.

So again, what are you doing in an ugly village in the Dodecanese called Kalymnos? Forced works?

Paul and Nicole said...

Thanks for commenting Dimitri. If you have never visited Kalymnos yourself, you should give it a chance.

We have been to Rhodes which is very nice but Kalymnos and Kos are not so different. We've never been to Symi.

Kalymnos is certainly not very touristy. Greek voices always outnumber visitors.

And it really isn't ugly. We love Kalymnos!

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