Sunday, May 10, 2009

How Greeks do Banks

In the UK, the bank manager lives in a wee room at the back. You never get to see her.

In Greece, the bank manager has to be a man (legally) and is always stationed on the (large) desk nearest the window so that everyone can see his status.

Generally, a large desk seems to be a highly valued accessory for any worker. We think that a large desk indicates seriousness and importance, which is heavily valued.

Learn Greek:
  1. The Desk = τo θρaνio (to thra-nee-oh)
  2. My Desk is the biggest = τo θρaνio μou εivai τo μεγaλητερo (to thra-neeo mou ee-nai to mega-leetero)


Anonymous said...

It is γραφείο not θρανίο and the bank manager does not have to be a man :)

Paul and Nicole said...

Thanks Anon.

What's a thranio then? I looked up the lexico and it said thranio was desk. I thought grafeio was an office (i.e: the room which contains the desk)

And I know a woman could technically be a bank manager but we haven't seen one yet ;-)

pavlos said...

Θρανίο is a school desk. In the old days it was like a wooden bench where 2-3 kids could sit together. Later on, there were individual desks for each kid, the top could lift up so that we could keep our books inside the desk.

Paul and Nicole said...

Thanks Pavlos.

So a θρανίο is the wee schooldesk thing. Cool.

Does this mean that γραφείο is the word a big work desk AND is also the word for an office?

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